"PRAY WITH HIM pray so everyone we will have hope hope and pray to god please pray with him"--Nik Roybal

Is life a “journey”?  Is this something we chose to do, life?  Did we pre pick the path before we decided to come to earth?  Is there the one true being watching over us?  Does this being do more than just watch?  Growing up would you believe in a being if you had no knowledge or recognition of such?  Where do we go when we die?  Why does everyone and every religion have a different point of view of death and where you go if there all Christian?  Does this being have any reflection on what decisions you make in your life?  How do you know for sure?  If you believe you’re sure, why is it so hard to get someone else to believe?  How do you sell the idea if you can’t see it?  If you decide to believe why does it have to be called faith?  If all these questions can be answered, does anyone you know have unequivocal proof that this being is real?  Now the last two questions; even if you have all the answers who would give them to you?  And would you BELIEVE?

 WE DO!!